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Man Eats Only Mac & Cheese For Nearly 20 Years

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Austin Davis has an eating disorder called avoidant food intake, a condition where trying new foods can cause a negative reaction in the body. This has caused the 20-year-old to eat nothing but mac and cheese for 17 years straight.

The unique diet reportedly began after he was removed from his home as a child after enduring physical abuse from his father. He then began eating the dish religiously,  trying to eat new food but his body refuses to ingest it.

“I don’t want to say I’m addicted to mac and cheese, because it sounds so weird…But my body won’t let me eat anything else. I didn’t choose to be like this.”

“As soon as it enters my mouth it’s like a sensory overload,” he said. “Even if I like what I’m trying, I’ll have an involuntary gag.”

As for what kind of mac and cheese Austin prefers he says it varies but nine times out of 10 he goes to his “ride or die” brand of original Velveeta Shells and Cheese. (YUCK) He also works out four times a week, mostly boxing, to try to stay in as good of shape as he can.


See Vice’s profile on mac and cheese addicted Austin below.


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