Hate It Or Love It?! Snoop Dogg Calls For A "Minority Clause"

Hate It Or Love It?! Snoop Dogg Suggests The Marijuana Industry Establish A “Minority Clause”

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Snoop Dogg Calls For A “Minority Clause” In The Weed Industry

Snoop Dogg wants the flourishing marijuana industry to work for minorities, too.

During a panel discussion last week revolving around the weed industry, Snoop said that a “minority clause” should be considered as a way to get rid of those who are simply flocking to the weed business for financial gain without keeping affected communities in mind.

“I think there should be some sort of minority clause, the way that they do in sports with the NBA and the NFL, where they make certain rules where the minority has to get the first dibs,” the rapper said during a Revolt Summit panel. “Like, you gotta be somebody of color or somebody from that community to get first in action and then the rest of you motherfuckers with money get action. Because it shouldn’t be based on no money.”

Other members of the panel responded by arguing the potential hardships in securing such measures, but the fact of the matter is that Snoop’s comments point to a larger issue within the world of marijuana, which has been a source of discussion since recreational legalization started happening across the country over the last few years.

Nobody knows more about weed than Snoop Dogg, and that not only includes his affinity for ingesting it–business wise, as well. A weed media company co-founded by Snoop was reported to have launched a new offshoot ad agency called Gram by Gram over the summer.

Check out some of Snoops comments down below:




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