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Lil Jon Detained In Vietnam For Carrying Expensive Collection Of Jewelry With Him

Lil Jon has been laying low for years collecting his coins and staying out of trouble like the king he is. He’s popped up here and there most recently to talk new artist lyrics for a quick content piece. The majority of the time we seem him is for endorsement commercials. He’s always in at least one Super Bowl commercial each year. The Big Game commercial bag is different, it’s enough to afford you the luxury of taking it easy the rest of the year and live comfortably. This year he was in the most talked-about commercial for Pepsi featuring the likes of Cardi B. He didn’t stop there and doubled that luxurious bag by joining the Kool-Aid man for a quick cameo in their commercial.

So when the news broke that he was being detained in Vietnam people went wild guessing what Lil Jon of all people could have done to bother anybody.

As TMZ reported, it turns out he didn’t actually do anything to anyone or bother a soul. He was traveling minding his business when he was stopped for carrying too much ice (jewelry) in his luggage. Lil Jon was in town to perform in the city of Saigon and after his performance headed to Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City where the workers apparently couldn’t believe their eyes.

He had so much jewelry in tow it raised massive suspicion which lead to them to detain him. They wanted answers before letting him leave to head home. If you’re unfamiliar when you get stopped overseas the only help you’ll get is from the US embassy. Unlike DJ Esco’s situation when Lil Jon reached out to the US Embassy they were able to free him in record time. Mainly due to the fact he is a worldwide phenom for his popular catchphrases “YEAH, WHAT, OKAY”, the embassy vouched and he was on his way.

Jon took the inconvenience with pride stopping to let everyone get their Instagram pics before departing back home.



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