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Felon Bae Jeremy Meeks Sued After Wrecking Two Rental Cars Back To Back

As always the Internet makes someone a star and they get tangled up in more trouble and drama that could have been avoided. Back in 2014, Jeremy Meeks went viral when his mugshot hit Beyonce’s internet and the ladies couldn’t get enough. They went so far as to put money on his books and enough of it to buy every honey bun in the building. When Meeks was released he swiftly left the crime and guns reselling alone and headed straight for New York Fashion Week to make his modeling debut. As any true hustler who came from nothing Meeks kept securing the bag and even went to a whole different level when he left his wife at home to start clobbering Top Shop queen Chloe Green cakes into pregnant smithereens. After securing the 18-year communication with a billionaire bag Meeks even did interviews to explain how he went from locked up prison bae to model and billionaire bae.

Things seemed to be going greet for Meeks but like also internet appointed viral sensations things started to hit a downward spiral. He allegedly lost his billionaire bae & baby momma Chloe Green. Chloe was spotted topless cozying up with a Polo player, letting the world know she had a new boy toy even while Jeremy claimed he wanted that old thang back.

However, he responded by then popping up on the town with a new woman of his own while still maintaining they hadn’t broken up. It seems the relationship has taken a toll on him and landed him back in his bad-boy ways.

Meeks is the subject of a lawsuit that claims he has wrecked two of Hollywood car rental shop ‘WeHo Auto Rental’ luxury cars. When dating a billionaire one of the many things you’ll never have to do is touch a steering wheel or a door handle so it’s unknown if Meeks can drive or when is the last time he drove.

TMZ reports:

WeHo Auto alleges Meeks rented a 2016 Porsche Cayenne and a 2019 Mercedes-Benz in September … and both vehicles were involved in separate car accidents.

The rental company claims one accident occurred on Sept. 5 and the other on Sept. 10. Based on photos we obtained of Meeks at one of the crash scenes … the Porsche wreck went down on the 10.

The kicker of the situation is when Meeks was last arrested in the situation that caused his mugshot to go viral he was with friend Terry Joe Bailey Jr.

Terry and Jeremy haven’t been spotted together much since Meeks became a viral sensation but the legal documents show Terry is being sued along with Meeks in the lawsuit. Safe to say the breakup has Jeremy back with his old homies getting into more trouble. Hopefully, Jeremy will wake up and handle this situation and stay out of trouble. After all the bag is secured for the rest of his life, why risk it all over foolishness and luxury car lawsuits?



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