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Florida Man Arrested For Spitting Food During Road Rage

Florida is disgusting and here is another story to prove it.

According to The Smoking Gun, David Wipperman and an unidentified victim got into an ugly road rage incident in Pinellas County days before Halloween.

Wipperman is said to have exited his vehicle to approach the woman who had rolled down her window to apologize to him for losing her temper. At that point, Wipperman spit the food he had been chewing into the woman’s face and into her mouth. He then opened the woman’s car door and began to berate her before a passer-by intervened.

Wipperman was arrested yesterday and charged with a pair of felonies, he was also hit with a $12,500 bond. This guy is no stranger to criminal charges as his rap sheet is replete with infractions such as disorderly conduct, violating probation, battery, grand theft, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and felony battery.

Ol’ boy is lucky he didn’t get his a$$ed whooped or worse. People have been shot dead for much, much less.


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