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Pete Davidson Sends Fans NDAs With $1 Million Fine Before Comedy Show

Pete Davidson has made headlines multiple times before following certain jokes he’s made during a comedy routine–and now, he’s taking some serious steps to prevent that from happening again.

Fans who purchased tickets to attend a recent comedy show got hit with an unexpected surprise prior to the show: a non-disclosure agreement with a hefty $1 million fine. Word ended up getting out that via social media that the comedian’s camp required all attendees to sign the NDA before entering a Bay Area venue where the Saturday Night Live cast member performed this week.

In addition to the signing the agreement, attendees were also asked to put their phones and smartwatches in secure pouches for the duration of the show — which is a practice that is becoming a lot more common for comedians filming specials who don’t want their jokes getting leaked prematurely.

While not having access to your phone is one thing, having to sign the NDA made some fans at Davidson’s November 27 show angry.

Along with their signature, ticket holders were also required to provide a cell phone number, email address, Twitter and Instagram handles on the NDA–which noted that any breach of the agreement would result in a $1 million fine.

A Sydney Goldstein Theater employee told the San Francisco Chronicle that the venue was unaware of the NDA until the day before the show. Some fans revealed on social media they were also required to sign an NDA to attend Davidson’s November 7 & 8 shows at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis.



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