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Aaliyah MTV Awards 2000

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Aaliyah’s Uncle Says Her Discography Could Hit Streaming In 2020

The past few years streaming has dominated the music business helping to bring back profitability. Spotify reigned supreme with 47.7 million monthly users until recently. Apple Music took the #1 spot hitting 49.5 million users to end the year strong. Other services such as Tidal, Amazon Music, & Soundcloud boast millions of other users. Long gone are the days of having to pay $9.99 for a single album or $3 for a single. The downside has been several older artists not wanting their music streamed at all. Or in the most notable cases, singers who have passed having their estate steer clear of streaming mostly due to the people they have to deal with to make it happen.

One of the most requested discographies by fans to put on streaming has been the late singer Aaliyah’s. Her music is beloved coast to coast and all over the world but in order to listen you’d have to physically purchase a compact disc. The newer generation has never touched CD players or even know how to upload mp3’s to their phones.

After several years of asking it seems the dream of her music on streaming could be coming true. Her uncle and former manager Barry Hankerson took to his Twitter account to announce her music will hit streaming 1/16/2020. Hankerson has posted this before and deleted the same exact tweet. Hankerson owns the rights to all of her music outside of what R. Kelly produced.

At this point, fans don’t know what to believe since there have been several false starts with her music being released to streaming. With streaming and how it works now when her music hits platforms she could easily lock in a #1 album 18 years after her passing. Hopefully, nothing changes and come January most of us can take a stroll down memory lane with her art!



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