Lizzo Responds To The Haters Mad Over Her Lakers Game Attire

Unbothered: Lizzo Responds To The Haters Mad Over Her Lakers Game Attire

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Lizzo attends the lakers game

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Lizzo Responds To The Haters Mad Over Her Lakers Game Attire

Lizzo continues to stir up the conversation all throughout 2019 by pretty much just doing her. Sunday night Lizzo was court-side for the Lakers game to cheer on her boo (who doesn’t know he is her boo, yet) Karl Anthony Townes.

Lizzo enjoyed the night minding her business but its when the cameras cut to her on live tv that shined a light on her outfit choice for the night that broke the internet. The only issue with this time the internet broke is it created the body positivity civil war. Everyone chimed in giving their opinion on her outfit choice, some claiming she shouldn’t wear such a revealing outfit in front of children. Some inspired by her confidence and some who just didn’t care her cheeks were out but didn’t like the shirt its self. Then of course you just have the fatphoic people who are mad because well its self explanatory.

One person who was absent from the war on the timelines was Lizzo herself who wasn’t engaging in the online drama and actually enjoying real life. Half way throughout the day when the back and forth seemed to calm down Beyonce’s new interview and IVY PARK announcement dropped which featured a picture of her with her behind showing and the second wave of back and forth commenced. Many asking why the same energy wasn’t kept for the queen but people were mad at Lizzo. At this point people were arguing just to argue, it was officially the point of the trending topic where people are fussing just waiting for the next viral moment to shift the convo. Later that Monday night Lizzo finally gave her opinion on the matter at hand. She hopped on IG live real quick to let everyone know she’s a grown ass woman who makes her own decisions. In the live she also goes on to state while she can inspire you to do the same most importantly you should be you and if what you choose to do aligns with actions she’s done cool but BE YOU. Lizzo also let it be known this is who she always has been and now the worlds eyes are on here and the criticism has zero affect on her.

In short while y’all are fighting over her choices that don’t concern you she’ll be getting ready to sweep the Grammys and headline the Apple Music awards. You can peep the short live in her exact words below.


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