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Kim Kardashian Suing A Doctor In Alabama For Using Her Face To Promote His Vampire Facials

Whether you like ’em or not, it’s no secret that the Kardashian klan is full of some of the most influential people on the planet right now–and have been for almost a decade. With that being said, it costs a LOT for outside brands to get a Kardashian co-sign. Like…a million for a single Instagram post, so it makes sense that the famous family wouldn’t wanna give up all their sauce for free.

Because of that, Kim Kardashian is now suing a doctor in Alabama for using her name and likeness to promote the “vampire facial” treatment that the reality star helped popularize back in 2013.

According to reports from E! News, Kim filed the lawsuit against Charles Runels and Cellular Medicine Association, accusing the doctor of “copyright infringement, infringement of registered mark, false association, violation of the right of publicity and California common law trademark infringement.”

“Defendant Charles Runels is a doctor in Alabama. In characteristically self-promoting fashion, he describes himself alternatively as the ‘Orgasm Doctor’ and the ‘Calvin Klein of medicine,'” the court documents state, according to the publication. “To that end, while he appears to maintain a small practice in Alabama, most of his time is spent touting the various cosmetic procedures he has purported to trademark—including, as relevant here, the Vampire Facial.”

Apparently, when Kim Kardashian tried reaching out to Runels asking him to take down the photos of her, he refused–but not only that, the doctor ended up asking Kim K to pay him, instead.

Runels ended up telling his side of the story to The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that Kim profits on getting attention and “used [his] name to get attention without asking and without paying.” He goes on to ask, “would the photos and the show have gained as much views without my name?”

The doctor went on to add an interesting quote in regards to how he helped the reality star:

“It’s like the quarterback who has sex with the ugly girl, then wants to deny. She endorsed my procedures without my asking. Now she wants everyone to keep it a secret. She’s a public figure, she made it news, it’s legal to curate the news.”

Kim received the facial treatment in question during an old episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but wasn’t happy with it and ended up telling her fans that she would never get one again.


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