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Boxer Wives

Source: Courtesy of Boxer Wives / Courtesy of Boxer Wives

Reality Show Premieres On BOSSIP

The star and executive producer of iOne’s new reality show “Boxer Wives” said the series was ten years in the making.

Meda Leacock said she got the idea to chart the lives of champion boxers’ other halves back in 2009, and was signed to a series of production companies, only for her idea to be shelved.

But the author, nonprofit head and mom of one grew tired of waiting and decided to take matters into her own hands. Leacock said she and her business partner Charlene Tineo teamed up with Phoenixx Digital to produce the show.

The result is a look at the highs and lows of boxers’ wives and girlfriends’ lives and their relationships in the public eye – and how they deal with all of the drama both in and out of the ring.

“Being a boxer’s wife is incomparable to no other wife in my opinion,” the Brooklyn native told BOSSIP. “Therefore, I felt the need to introduce the world to a set of extremely patient, stern, strong yet loving alpha females who lie in bed with men that continuously jump in the ring and are trained to destroy.”

“However, these same men have the ability to look into these women’s eyes and see a safe haven to also submit and be loved,” Leacock added.

Boxer Wives

Source: Courtesy of Boxer Wives / Courtesy of Boxer Wives

On the show, Leacock, who was married to prizefighter Zab Judah for seven years, works to co-parent with him and do business even as he pursues a new relationship with co-star Saskiia “Keyah” Huey.

“Zab and I are able to maintain a cordial relationship because we actually care about the well being of one another and the well being of our child together,” Leacock explained. “I have love for Zab now. I’m no longer in love with Zab. We are able to maintain a friendship, as well as a business relationship because we have respect for each other’s boundaries (and) our story isn’t cloudy or confusing anymore.”

Besides “Boxer Wives,” Leacock has published a book, “Contract Wife, Contract Life: Married To The Game,” a handbook for women in relationships with athletes. She also co-founded the Power & Music Awards last year, which honor people for outstanding contributions to music.

With all of her personal and professional pursuits, it begs the question: will there be a season two? Leacock said yes.

“I would like for the viewers and supporters of ‘Boxer Wives’ to see the current cast evolve, as well as feature the lives of new cast members to the narrative during season two.”



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