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Bill Cosby & His Team Issue Response To Eddie Murphy SNL Shade

This weekend marked Eddie Murphy’s long-awaited return to the historic ‘Saturday Night Live’ stage. The show started off on a high note with Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, & Tracy Morgan joining him for his opening monologue. While everyone in the world enjoyed the opening one person seems to have not been pleased.

During the opening monologue, Murphy took the time to throw some shots at Bill Cosby. Murphy stated i”f you told him he would be a father of 10 and Bill would be in jail 20 years ago he wouldn’t believe you”; “Look who’s America’s dad now,” said Eddie.

For those unaware, this just isn’t a one-off shade session by any means. Eddie’s return to the spotlight started on Netflix when he was on an episode of “Comedians In A Car Getting Coffee.” During the episode, Eddie abruptly shared that Bill Cosby never liked him and to this day he wants to know why. This makes perfectly good sense when a fellow peer in the space doesn’t like you it throws red flags immediately. Murphy also went on to say Bill made things less than pleasant for him as well.

It seems Cosby wasted no time in letting his team know to address the matter for him since he can’t due to his sexual assault charges incarceration. Cosby’s publicist Andrew Wyatt responded via his clients Instagram stating:

“Mr. Cosby became the first Black to win an Emmy for his role in I Spy and Mr. Cosby broke color barriers in the Entertainment Industry, so that Blacks like Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappell, Kevin Hart, and et al., could have an opportunity to showcase their talents for many generations to come.

It is sad that Mr. Murphy would take this glorious moment of returning to SNL and make disparaging remarks against Mr. Cosby. One would think that Mr. Murphy was given his freedom to leave the plantation so that he could make his own decisions, but he decided to sell himself back to being a Hollywood Slave.

Stepin Fetchit plus cooning equals the destruction of Black Men in Hollywood. Remember, Mr. Murphy, that Bill Cosby became legendary because he used comedy to humanize all races, religions and genders; but your attacking Mr. Cosby helps you embark on just becoming clickbait.

Hopefully, you will be amenable to having a meeting of the mind’s conversation, in order to discuss how we can use our collective platforms to enhance Black people rather than bringing all of us down together.”

“Hollywood Slave?!” “Stepin Fetchit plus cooning?!”—-Well, damn.

Everyone knows Saturday Night Live is a place for jokes and anyone can catch a stray when the jokes fly but this quick response seems to back up Eddie’s claim the bad blood has always been there.



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