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Romanian Woman Dies After Catching Fire During Surgery Due To Alcohol Based Disinfectant

As if surgery wasn’t already terrifying enough, a woman in Romania recently died a week after accidentally being burned over 40% of her body during surgery for pancreatic cancer.

According to BBC News reports, surgeons at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest used an alcohol-based disinfectant on the 66-year-old as they prepared to operate on December 22nd. When the electric scalpel surgeous were using to operate came into contact with the alcohol, the patient’s body was set on fire on the operating table. She died in the hospital a week later. Police have since opened an investigation into her death, according to local media reports.

The family of the victim also told Romanian media that no one gave them details about what happened, or the gravity of the situation, just that there had been an accident.

“We found out some details from the press, when they were broadcast on TV stations,” they said. “We aren’t making accusations, we just want to understand what happened.”

Romania’s health minister Victor Costache released a statement promising to investigate the incident.

“We hope to learn from this troubling episode,” he said in the statement. “Both myself and the Ministry of Health team that I coordinate will do everything possible to find out the truth.”

Deputy minister Horatiu Moldovan added:

“The surgeons should have been aware that it is prohibited to use an alcohol-based disinfectant during surgical procedures performed with an electric scalpel.”

This is so sad. Can you even believe it? That poor woman AND her family. We hope they have proper legal recourse.



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