Twitter Reacts To News Of U.S. Possibly War With Iran With Pure Jokes

TL In Shambles: Twitter Reacts To News Of U.S. Possibly Going To War With Iran With Straight Jokes

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Twitter Reacts To News Of US Possibly Going To War With Iran With Straight Jokes

Yesterday news broke that the US killed the commander of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Gen. Qassem Suleimani, early Friday morning in a calculated drone strike at Baghdad International Airport. Officials later revealed the drone strike on the airport was authorized by Cheeto in Charge, Trump. This immediately sent panic to social media and fears of an impending World War Three was well on its way to being a real thing. To make matters worse as soon as news broke Trump tweeted a picture of an American flag.

As if killing a high ranking official wasn’t enough disrespect tweeting the flag just adds a pinch of fuel to the fire that clearly wasn’t needed. Let’s be honest with ourselves — we didn’t expect any type of class from him, even after successfully completing the mission. It’s almost like it’s a joke to him. Instantly World Word Three started trending worldwide. While the White House was being funny tweeting flags on twitter, the Iran officials joined the conversation on Twitter to let them know in not so many words “ain’t sh*t funny”. Dr. Mohsen Rezaee the Iran Secretary of the Expediency sent out a tweet that struck nerves ice-cold and promised revenge on the United States.

Translated the tweet reads:

Lt. Martyr #قاسم_سلیمانی He joined his martyred brothers, but we will take vigorous revenge on America. #انتقام_سخت

Guess Trump forgot the same platform he uses to instigate foreign officials could be used to put fear into U.S citizens and that’s exactly what happened. Many American citizens replied to the official pleading for the sake of us not involved, because we had nothing to do with it and definitely don’t want the smoke he’s promising. While the other half was lighting up his mentions with jokes and disrespect.

Trust and believe the situation is without a doubt serious and should be alarming to everyone, however on Twitter nothing serious is ever taken that way. Twitter users wasted no time getting the jokes off and made the night one of the funniest nights since the launch of Twitter. Take look below for some of the funniest tweets of the night.



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