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Bossip’s Top Twitter Scandals Of The Decade

Remember when it seemed like there was a social media scandal every week on your timeline at times even consolidated into 140-characters or less?

As the decade comes to a close let’s take a walk through memory lane and relive some of the spiciest moments of the 2010s. More specifically the top scandals that set Twitter on fire!


Tyrone Hankerson Allegedly Robs Howard’s Financial Aid Office (2019)

First off we don’t know if he did or didn’t but the best part of a scandal is the situation, not the truth to it. WE DON’T MAKE THE RULES. Perhaps one of the best scandals to hit the twitter-verse was the story of a Howard student named Tyrone Hankerson supposedly robbing the financial aid office for over $429,000. Once this story broke, all hell broke loose.


Chris Brown Destroys His Imagine Rebranding With Homophobic Rant Against Raz B (2010)

While on the road to reviving his career post-Rihanna scandal, Chris Brown sabotaged himself with a tweet to Raz B laced in homophobia.

After professing his love for Rihanna, Raz-B tweeted about Chris Brown battering his ex-girlfriend: “I’m just sitting here thinking how can n*ggas like @EBenet & @Chris Brown disrespect women as intelligent as @HalleBerry11 @Rihanna.”

Chris Brown didn’t waste any time and jumped off the top rope into the madness tweeting “@RazB2K n*gga you want attention! Grow up n*gga!!! D*ck in the booty *ss little boy.”

And it didn’t end there. Chris Brown continued his homophobic venting:

“Tell me this @RazB2K!! Why when the money was coming in you weren’t complaining about getting butt-plugged! #homothug!!!

I ain’t deleting my tweet either!! I was minding my damn business and Peter Pan decides to pop off!!! #whatalame

I’m not mad though!!! I’m just not silent nor am I one of these scary R&B cats!!

I’m not homophobic! He’s just disrespectful!!!”

What. A. Mess.


Kanye West VS Amber Rose(2016)

Kanye West is the King of Twitter rants and never holds back but he previously met his match and the blowup was of epic proportions. Wiz Khalifa was minding his business on Twitter talking about his weed named “KK” and Kanye came out of nowhere telling Wiz not to talk about his wife Kim Kardashian. Kanye went on to disrespect Wiz and mentioned his previous relationship with Amber Rose. Not too long after, Amber *Entered The Chat* and turned the rant into a top 5 night on twitter. #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch quickly started to trend.

Kanye eventually deleted the tweets.

“Ima take these down cause it’s all about positive energy blessings blessings positive energy blessings”

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) January 27, 2016

Amber Rose stopped by the West house to clear the air and seems everything is ok, for now.

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Tea anyone?

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Twitter Flyouts Gone Wrong Ends With ‘Edge Of Bed’ Meme That Won’t Go Away (2017)

“This BROKE FAT ass nigga flew 3,000mi & thought he was finna lay up in my shit on my Dime!! You got put out over a $27 order @deucealtendre”

— Queen Kunta (@CHEWTHISASSh_) May 24, 2017

May 2017 marked the most viral flyout gone wrong that may have ever existed. One man flew from NYC to L.A. to meet a twitter honey and everything that could go wrong went wrong. The tweet above turned the timeline into World War 3 with the jokes flying at 100 MPH. The back and forth between the two involved her posting voice notes of him begging to sleep on her couch.

Then there was an issue surrounding one of them paying for a pizza. Word to the wise, when you fly out to meet someone off twitter you better have a place to stay, transportation AND MONEY. Both the twitter accounts have since been deleted but this story will live on forever.

Poor guy tried to flex buying his own flight but no hotel confirmation insight.

Now a picture of him on the edge of the bed will live on forever.



If you made it to the top spot you probably already guessed this one would take the cake. This scandal was the peak “Protect Kobe At All Cost” saga. A few Christmases ago, Twitter user @MyTweetsRealAF made the drive all the way down to Temecula, CA after @SnottieDrippen mocked him for claiming Kobe Bryant was a G.O.A.T player. @SnottieDrippen was in Arizona for the holidays but his opponent was so mad that he drove all that way without a second thought.

“@SnottieDrippen: RT if @MyTweetsRealAF is not a “real n*gga” on here.” I’m real enough to meet, and beat your ass. How’s Temecula sound?
— Endangered Species (@MyTweetsRealAF) December 25, 2014

Fuck it. Let’s go loser. Temecula. @MyTweetsRealAF
— Tweetgood Mac (@SnottieDrippen) December 25, 2014

“@SnottieDrippen: He might be RT @NYKTalk: @SnottieDrippen @MyTweetsRealAF there’s no way he’s driving right now.”
— Endangered Species (@MyTweetsRealAF) December 26, 2014

@SnottieDrippen Pussy nigga..Lmaoo!
— Endangered Species (@MyTweetsRealAF) December 26, 2014

After driving all the way with no one to take his aggression out on, he returned home and did what most WOULDN’T do; he released a diss track.

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