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Radio Host Eamonn Holmes’ Criticism Of Meghan Markle Deemed Racist

The folks across the pond still have their knickers in a bunch over the fact that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have opted out of their lil’ bulls#!t monarchy. Most of their ire is clearly stoked by the fact that Meghan is Black, American, and not licking the boots of Buckingham Palace.

One such person is bangers and mash gasbag Eamonn Holmes who took to his radio show to make personal attacks against Meghan, a person he readily admits that he’s never met or interacted with in any way whatsoever.

This clotted cream c**t thinks that because he’s met American celebrities before that he’s qualified to make these type of statements. Wonder why that is…?


Eamonn is joined by his piece-of-s#!t brother-in-bigotry, Piers Morgan, who believes he can speak for a deceased person saying that Princess Diana “would be furious that Harry had been so manipulated”.

Or, or OR…maybe Harry just don’t like y’all racist, pretentious, condescending a$$es and doesn’t want his wife to suffer the abuse that Brits clearly don’t mind doling out to people who venture outside the lines of royal conservatism.


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