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Piers Morgan Claims He’s The Victim Of Racism, Not Meghan Markle

Get the f**k outta here, Piers Morgan.

The perpetual pu**yhole programme presenter did what most privileged and pompous white people do when pressed about their poisonous political predispositions toward people of color. He deflected, denied, and derailed the conversation to make it about him.

This morning on Good Morning Britain, Piers contorted his soulless physique to position himself as a champion of colored people who is Birdbox to the bigotry that Brits have hurled at Meghan Markle

According to Entertainment Daily UK:.

“I don’t see racism [in the coverage] and when people say to me the press has been racist, and the wider public has been racist, I think it’s grotesquely unfair to smear everyone in that way without producing tangible evidence which says this is racist

“I don’t accept that just because I’m white, I can’t see racism. I have campaigned against racism my entire broadcasting life.

“Just because she [Meghan] is a black woman it doesn’t mean she can say something is racist when it’s not.”

For his next trick, Piers transformed himself into a victim of racism like some kind of gaslighting Optimus Prime. When asked if Meghan would know more about racism being a Black woman Piers responded “Probably” then launched into this white tears tirade:

“Although frankly, on social media, I get called a fat, white gammon all day long. That is also racist. If you’re called by a black person on Twitter a fat, white gammon, they’re being racist too.”

Aw, poor thang. People is being mean to liddo racist Piers Morgan. *pokes out bottom lip*

He up here dressed like the Monopoly man who just lost a bid at the slave auction. GTFOHWTBS.


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