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Diamond And Silk Say Trump Is Being Treated Like Black People During Jim Crow

Diamond and Silk have said some outlandish s#!t in their day, but this one has to be somewhere in the top 3.

The pair of KKKool-Aid sippin’ sistas appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to speak for all Black people while also referring to Black people as “they” as if they aren’t Black, which, well…

Check out what they had to say when asked about a Black folks voting for Trump’s reelection in November:

“Back in 2016 Black America had nothing to lose but if they don’t vote for Donald J. Trump in 2020, they have everything to lose. And the reason the Democrats are ignoring this is because they are expecting Black people to fall in line. But Black people are paying attention. When they see that our President is being railroaded. The same tactics that’s being used against him were being used against our ancestors during the Jim Crow era. They become appalled by that because if you can do it to him you can do it to average Americans like us.”

If the same tactics used against Black people during Jim Crow were being used on Trump he would have been dead a long time ago.

The ancestors are embarrassed.


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