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One-time found a crucial piece of evidence that could link Bugs Monkey to the blaze that totaled his $2.4 million crib:

“Police have found a 5-gallon gas container on the grounds of 50 Cent’s Long Island house, which burned to the ground last Friday. The intensity of the blaze made fire officials immediately suspicious that the fire was lit intentionally, and the discovery of the container seems to further confirm those suspicions.

The house was occupied by the rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, and their 10-year-old son Marquise. Mother, child, and four others were sent to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Tompkins has publicly accused 50 – real name Curtis Jackson – of having a role in the fire. The former couple were in the midst of a bitter legal dispute over the property, in which Jackson demanded $4,500 a month rent from Tompkins, else be evicted.”

It wouldn’t surprise us one bit if No Cents was behind this heinous fiasco. We just wonder if ole Bugsy will be able to buy his way out of trouble this time around. News sources have also issued a statement from Shaniqua Tomkins saying that Bugs Monkey didn’t even attempt to call his son to see how he was doing after the fire damned near killed them. Disgusting.

Source/Wenn Newsdesk

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    Fishy cant be that dumb…cant be…can not be….


    But why do he and his BM look alike?

  • rox

    um 1st? 50 is in on this whole thing!!!

  • meather

    No Cents was behind this heinous fiasco. We just wonder if ole Bugsy will be able to buy his way out of trouble this time around. I am a single girl from

  • T-Fab!!!

    i dont think he is that dumb, i think he is being framed, but then again its bugs, so anything is possible

  • Southern Belle 225

    @nikki…okay girl! He can’t possibly be that dumb. But you know, just cause he rich doesn’t mean that he has good sense. We are gonna have to see how this one plays out.

  • Ms. T

    I can’t believe 50 would torch his own place with his son in the house! She is blaming him because I think she wants him to go to jail, so she can get control of his estate!



    This is the stories…but in real life!!! I cant wait!!!

  • ewww

    Fifty did not do it… he would have made sure that his son was not in the house, she has every reason to do it becasue she lost the house in court. She is just greedy!

  • Al-Anon

    If he did “conspire and assist” with the fire, he can be charged with arson and I don’t think that his home insurance will pay for the loss. Furthemore, he can do time. He probably doesn’t care, but her bum ass boyfriend ain’t laying up in it no more.

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  • Mocha Java

    How does a gas container link 50 to the crime ? Are his fingerprints on it?

  • Bird

    I can’t stand 50. Even as a person that wishes he would disappear forever I can’t see him burning down his house with his son inside. That makes no sense to me, but then who knows? Shanaynay says he is invatuated with her and I believe her. 50 said himself, out of his own mouth, that he broke up with Aunt Viv because all the interviews where she mentioned their relationship upset Shanaynay. Who knows what is going on with these weirdos, but I just can see him trying to kill his son.

  • caramelsundae

    For one…a gas can at the scene…i would think the person who lit the fire would take the gas can with them!…unless the person who did this was someone who lived in that house! umm shaniqua!?

  • Your all Freakin' Nazi's!

    so what is the suspicion? that 50 wanted to have his “baby momma” killed?

  • Trini Chica BK (AKA) As a matter of Fact

    correction overseas

  • beautiful b

    one of these nuccas is going to jail. inpart to increasing concern over 50’s corruption of decent music, i kinda hope its him. but on the other hand, gold digging sperm horders need to be erradicated as well. damn this is more interesting then hil and obama. whom should we vote off the planet?

  • Bird

    I meant to say I just CAN’T see him trying to kill his son.


    50 is a G he does what he feels like.

  • pm

    I think she did it, and I’m sure 50 had insurance on it so she just gave him another check. I hope they find out she did and take her son away.

  • Trini Chica BK (AKA) As a matter of Fact

    BIRD… You really do look and sound like your name. You should really think about changing that ASAP

  • Trini Chica BK (AKA) As a matter of Fact

    RED hair……an all LOL

  • melchizodok

    Didn’t shaniqua threatened to call the cops on him if he even attempt to see his son ( playing sports and whatnot). Everything this bird is doing is centered around him interacting with his seed. That’s the key 4 her 2 get at him, I wouldn’t attempt to contact him either when you know she’ll use that ad an opportunity 2 argue and accuse him of financial- liable infraction! Hate to say it but 5-0 is right on this one.

    So what they found a gasoline canister, any prints on it? I still think she did it

  • k.k

    and to think we were all saying 50 cent baby mama did..50 cent is a fool..ow can u be chargin the mother of your son money for her staying at your house..OMG wow..these african american men today are so0o……ah let me not say

  • Re

    “Police have found a 5-gallon gas container on the grounds of 50 Cent’s Long Island house”

    Who the hell is responsible for that? I told Curtis that’s why you don’t hire unprofessionals.

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