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Carlton Explains THAT Shocking Sexuality Scene, Says He’s Getting Death Threats

Carlton Morton knows some people are outraged and confused about that shocking scene from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” between him and Diamond Jack and he’s offering an explanation.

*******SPOILER ALERT*********

If you’ve been bingeing Netflix’s new dating show then you know that Carlton proposed to Diamond sight unseen after having some intense conversations with her inside the pods. The couple seemed like they were embarking on a sweet black love story but viewers knew Carlton was hiding a secret. Carlton told producers that in the past he’s dated both men and women and considers himself gender fluid. The social media marketer ultimately decide not to disclose the info to Diamond before popping the question.

Later a conflicted Carlton was seen on their honeymoon struggling to find the words to tell Diamond about his sexuality before he tearfully broke down and revealed the truth. The couple took time to cool down in separate hotel rooms before reconvening poolside the next day. That’s when things went left.

After Diamond expressed her feelings and said she felt “betrayed”, Carlton became defensive. Diamond took off her engagement ring and Carlton called her a “b***.” Things then spiraled out of control and Carlton flung the ring into the pool before Diamond threw a drink on him for disrespecting her.

Carlton’s since spoken on what went down with The Morning Culture on V-103 where he told Frank Ski and Ebony Steele all about his sexuality.

According to Carlton, he loves people—PERIOD and he’s actually celibate so his attraction to men isn’t a “sexual thing.”

“The secret is I love people for who they are,” said Carlton.”For the average person, I am a bisexual or fluid male. I feel like being fluid there’s a bigger focus on love when people think of bisexual it’s to make the general pop [population] comfortable and give them something to identify with. For me, I would always say I love freely because for me it’s not a sexual thing. I’ve been celibate for longer than you would even believe by choice because I don’t believe in sex outside of a relationship. I’m open [to dating men and women] because I think it’s fair to say I love people for who they are.”

Carlton also claimed that he’s NEVER gotten a reaction in previous relationships like Diamond’s about his sexuality because he usually finds “open-minded women” thanks to his spirit of discernment. He apparently used that spirit of discernment while filming “Love Is Blind” to withhold the truth about his sexuality to ALL the women he dated while filming, not just Diamond.

“I don’t get how like DL men, your wife is calling you or your girlfriend’s calling you…you don’t think somebody told her something? I can’t hide in my career, I don’t have the luxury of keeping secrets,” said Carlton.
“I don’t feel like it was completely misleading, I feel like in the setting we were in I proposed to her on the ninth day. Had I told her on the first day, it would’ve been ‘Well, let me go back and tell the other girls’ then I wouldn’t have found love. Do you really think women in that house would have been like I can get to know a guy that is fluid off bat?

Whewwwww boy.

There’s lots more to unpack here including Frank Ski telling Carlton he was straight up “wrong” to not tell Diamond he’s fluid off the bat.

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