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Celebrity Sightings - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2020/2021 : Day Nine

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Kim Kardashian has been put on blast after she failed to credit the proper person who did her braids for her trip to Paris last week. Georgetown professor Stephanie A. Kimou, friend to Ciara Constenoble — the incredible Black stylist who actually hooked Kim’s hair up, exposed the star for being shady to Black women.

According to Kimou, Kim’s caucasian glam squad looked on as Ciara did all od he work. So why was Chris Appleton (white guy) credited for the style?


Let’s talk about anti-blackness this morning. I need to discuss appropriation and theft of our culture, our vernacular, our vibes, our lips, our hair, our essence. My sister @ciaracoiffure is an AMAZING celebrity hair stylist in Paris who styled @janellemonae @therealmaryjblige @saintrecords @kelelam and other sisters ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽well Ciara was called in at the last minute to gift KKW with the style above for her husband’s fashion show last week. In a room full of white folks, she gave KKW this style, with her uninspiring hair stylist @chrisappleton1 looking on in awe I’m sure. And guess what your favorite white girl Kim does this week? Tags said uninspiring white stylist to give him credit for these black ass cornrows! I know every black woman reading this is #disappointedbutnotsurprised at this disgusting behavior. The issue with white women like the KKW is they do not respect black culture, they see it as a style which is taken off and put back on and that’s what makes them so damn dangerous. The ERASURE OF BLACK WOMEN’S work discredits our community, takes money out of our pockets, and continues the white supremacist cycles that social media then spreads to the masses. Elevating problematic, clueless, dangerous white women needs to 🛑, do your part to dismantle this shit.


When you go to Kim Instagram, she really does fail to tag Ciara. What’s up with that??? Just last week, she and Yeezy were accused of not crediting ZaZa after North West performed her song. See a pattern?

Meanwhile, Ciara Constenoble has been crediting herself for the braids on her page.

So far, Kim K has not commented. SMH!


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