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Hillary Clinton is known to be pretty reserved, which is just her natural nature. She conducts herself as someone who’s naturally mastered being in the spotlight and doesn’t want to give any free headlines to the media. Many have blamed her failed attempts to become President on the fact that Americans “don’t know her” or her personality, which she thinks is unfair since she’s been a public figure living her life in the limelight for decades. Finally, Hillary has been given the chance to discuss her entire life and her most critiqued moments in a new Hulu docuseries, Hillary.

If you’ve ever wondered where the footage was leading up to the election night in 2016, it’s all right here in this series. Hillary begins by breaking down her life from the very beginning, laying out how she has faced conflict from the second she was introduced to politics. From being out of place as a woman front-and-center for the Nixon impeachment hearings to being blasted for not taking Bill Clinton’s last name when he became the Governor of Arkansas–all of these obstacles she faced play into how she conducts herself today.

Mixed into the story of her early life is the footage from the 2016 campaign along with the primaries running against Bernie Sanders. This is where the series is at its best. This footage and the storytelling lays out how much Hillary had to overcome during her last attempt at the presidency, already coming off of a loss against Barack Obama in 2012.

What we learned here is why Hillary “can’t stand” Bernie, the reason the Russians hacked the election, the movements birthed from her loss to Donald Trump, and much more. So far, the biggest headlines have been surrounding Bill Clinton’s discussion of cheating on Hillary and why he did it–but this docuseries is way much more than that and definitely worth a watch.

Check out the trailer down below and catch all four of the hour-long episodes now streaming on Hulu.



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