The History Of Those "Beyonce Love LeBron James" Memes

Mr. Knowles: The History Of Those Petty, Pesky “Beyonce Loves LeBron James” Jokes That Have Dominated The Internet

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If you’ve been anywhere on the internet over the past decade then you’ve no doubt seen the memes. They happen every time Beyonce is at a basketball game. They’re memes that suggest Bey has some sort of infatuation with one LeBron James. It’s been one of the most prevalent internet jokes of the past decade. It’s one of the funniest memes in the game, too.

Now, before we give you the history on this, we have to let you know that this all seems to be pretty tongue-in-cheek and mostly for play based on a series of photos that make Bey look a particular way. We don’ think there’s any real harm and definitely no truth to any of the statements being made. Let’s get this out of the way. The only person who is really being clowned is Jay-Z but Bey fans love tormenting him anyway.

So how did this trend become such a big thing? Well, let’s go through the history and see for ourselves.

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It all started back when it was clear that Beyonce was wildly disinterested in going to basketball games. Even when she sits courtside with Jay-Z she is mostly just there for whatever reason that doesn’t include caring about X’s and O’s of the game she’s watching. Whether it be basketball, football or tennis, Bey is just there, really. She’s either supporting her friends or there to hang out with Jay.

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Take, for instance, this pic of her watching her buddy Serena Williams. She was going to watch Serena secure her Grand Slam in Wimbledon and you could tell that Bey didn’t really know or care what was going on. She just wanted to see her homegirl win. That’s love right there.

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However, back in 2009, the Internet started to notice Beyonce paying attention to basketball games and it had one really important reason: LeBron was playing. A few timely pics surfaced of Beyonce looking entranced by LeBron’s game had jokes flying on the internet. It was all fun and games.

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There was this photo, too. It’s the pic of Beyonce and Jay with LeBron and the way Bey looked at LeBron had everyone cracking jokes. There was even some video of Jay looking like he was having an existential crisis over it all. Twitter never lets anything slip by.

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Then of course Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce and it became the biggest celebrity scandal in the game. Now everyone was begging Beyonce to cheat back. Who did they want her to cheat back with? None other than LeBron James. All of the evidence and pics started to flood back. The internet wanted blood.

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In 2017, Beyonce showed up to the All-Star game pregnant with the twins and everyone was joking about her showing up to support her “man,” LeBron. It was a huge thing on Twitter as everyone bored with the All-Star game instead decided to joke that she was taking her pregnant a$$ over to her real boo. SMH.

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When LeBron James left Cleveland and decided to play in Los Angeles, where Beyonce herself lives (with Jay, of course). Now the internet was ablaze with speculation that Bron was moving so he could be closer to his boo. Again, nobody cared about Jay-Z. Sad emoji.

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Now where does Savannah fit into this? Everyone seems to be sparing her because they have it in their mind that this is some sort of arrangement where Jay-Z is the odd man out and Savannah is okay with this. Y’all are wild as hell. This is quite the love story.


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