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The BRIT Awards 2020 - Show

Source: Dave J Hogan / Getty

A few weeks ago BOSSIP posted a video of UK rapper Dave performing a poignant song called “Black” and the BRITs 2020. The song REALLY gets into the racist f**ks#!t that white people be on there and here in America.

Peep some of the lyrics in the song:

The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
A kid dies, the blacker the killer, the sweeter the news
And if he’s white you give him a chance, he’s ill and confused
If he’s black he’s probably armed, you see him and shoot

Dave also went on to call out bum a$$ Boris Johnson as “a real racist” and the media for the racist way they covered Meghan Markle as opposed to Kate Middleton.

They were triggered. So triggered, in fact, that 309 of them contacted the British FCC, Ofcom, and complained that the performance was, wait for it…racist against white people according to BBC.

The agency balked at these claims saying that Dave’s comments were “likely to be within most viewers’ expectations of this well-established awards ceremony”. In addition to stating that is was “not uncommon for artists to express personal political views during their performances”.

So, in other words, go suck ya mum through a straw.



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