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ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24

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Ahhh, The Bachelor. Some people watch it because they’re hopeless romantics, and (hopefully most) other people watch it hoping for an entertaining train wreck of sorts–which is exactly what viewers got this season.

Peter Weber might be the most indecisive Bachelor lead of all time, which manifested itself most pertinently in his final decision once the show was all said and done. The two night finale saw one of his final women, Madison Prewett, leave on her own accord after a rough meeting with his family and concerns that their lifestyles were too different to get past, because she’s super religious and he likes line dancing. You know, that age old tale.

After she left, Peter literally only had one option–Hannah Ann Sluss–even though it was painfully obvious the entire season that he really wanted to be with…not her. Instead of breaking things off with Hannah Ann, he said “f*** it” and proposed, and conveniently acted like that was what he wanted all along. Unsurprisingly, their engagement lasted a couple months before Weber broke things off.

Most likely at the request of the puppetmas–uhh, producers of the show, Madison ended up flying to California to see Peter and talk about rekindling things, because they both still had feelings for one another. Come the live finale on Tuesday night, these two sat on the couch together–leaving enough room between them for an entire person–and acted like they were going to work things out, vaguely hinting at possibly, maybe getting back together. Also, Peter’s mom seriously hates Madison and berated her for the entire show, but that’s another subject.

That brings us to Thursday night (if you’re keeping track, that’s two days from the live finale) as both Madison and Peter decided to announce their break-up…which probably means they were never back together in the first place. They both wrote long paragraphs elaborating on the fact that they decided to go their separate ways, which you can read for yourself down below:






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