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So, if you’ve just entered the chat and have no idea why spicy Fashion Novettes Alexis Skyy and Ari Fletcher were violently sign languaging each other during their co-hosting gig at a Florida club, we’re here to help.

A few weeks ago, the feather-flapping rivals started beefing when Alexis suggested she paved the way for the Ari Fletchers of the InstaBaddie world. Ari immediately clapped back with accusations that Alexis copied her whole style–hair, nails, everything–which, naturally, sent shockwaves through Messy Twitter.

Fast-forward to a few days ago where the messy beef had swerved all the way LEFT after deceased family members and disabled children were brought into the chaos. At this point, it was ON SIGHT.

Well, not really, because they seemingly had no intentions of fighting during their recent joint appearance which sparked all sorts of hilarious chaos across Lash Tach Twitter.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Alexis & Ari’s not-quite-fight on the flip.

“Watching alexis skyy and Ari looking like montagues and capulets is making me crease” – it’s wayyy too disease-y outside to be behaving like this

“This is how ARI & ALEXIS SKY looked in the club last night arguing in sign language” – how did they not feel completely ridiculous air-fighting like this?

“Ari and Alexis sky arguing from across the club is taking me out LMAOOOOO” – yea, this new air-fighting thing the Fashion Novettes are doing just isn’t for us

“alexis and ari last night” – no, seriously, this was literally them

“They at it again #Ari #AlexisSkyy” – are we sure this wasn’t very good promo for their CO-HOSTING GIG???

“You telling Ari and Alexis Skyy was on here calling each other’s kids ugly and they ain’t even fight. All that for what?” – whew, great point. All they did was fire off threatening hand gestures in a club. Literally.

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“The fact that Alexis Sky and Ari were doing the same club appearance last night and ain’t make nothing shake is hilarious. All that Twitter finger activity and for what? It’s always on sight til b*tches actually within your sight for real huh?” – now, yall know there was no way they were fighting. With those freshly done nails? In this economy??

“Ari & Alexis Sky is not with the shit y’all talked about dead siblings and disabled kids and didn’t get to business we don’t care y’all suck” – man, that’s rough but true. These two (allegedly) HATE each other. And for what? Getting the same wig and nail style???

“Alexis sky one of them b*tches that wanna put on a show for the Internet but really wanna be friends… we all know b*tches like that” – to be fair, most people on the internet are here to either watch the show or star in the show

“Ari a punk. Alexis a punk. and thats the end of that. everybody shut up. cause on sight mean its ON SIGHT 😂 and nobody did sh*t” – and that’s that on that. Periodt.

“I’m sorry but this whole Alexis and Ari shit was goofy af! If someone talked shit about my dead brother, there’s no way I’m about to be 10 feet away from you and not throwing hands.” – WELP

“The Ari and Alexis Skyy sh*t is hilarious! Ain’t no way y’all in the same club, throwing up signals at each other and AIN’T do sh*t 😂” – well, it certainly happened in a surreal moment that took baddie beef to another level.

“It’s like Alexis Sky look better but I find Ari more attractive. Sh*t wild” – Yea, they’re almost exactly the same Fashion Novette but act like they’re completely different. Kinda wild.

“I see a lot of people saying Ari and Alexis Sky scary. But I don’t think that was the case , at the end of the day they were getting paid to be there why fight to f*ck that up” – also a very good point but STILL…kids and family were talked about. That’s AT LEAST worth an attempted body slam.


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