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Moscow medical facility in Kommunarka for patients suspected of coronavirus infection

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Yes, the coronavirus is something you should take seriously. If you have flu-like symptoms you should DEFINITELY stay in the house. Even if you feel perfectly fine you should also practice social distancing and avoid large crowds of ten or more people. This isn’t a myth, this isn’t a conspiracy, these are facts. The most at risk for coronavirus are elderly people and those with underlying conditions such as diabetes or heart and lung issues so it’s important to keep those groups safe.

For a number of young, generally healthy Americans the worst-case scenario could happen; you could get coronavirus. You could be asymptomatic and be unknowingly spreading it. You could feel ill for a few days and then suddenly feel better. That’s apparently happening because there are thousands of people who’ve recovered from COVID-19.

John Hopkins University recently released a report via their coronavirus resource center claiming that over 80,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus. Johns Hopkins is tracking that in real-time with an interactive map that shows the spread of the virus.

John Hopkins’ map also shows that there have been 4,585 confirmed cases across the U.S., a number that’s probably surprising low because a number of people haven’t been tested.

The World Health Organization says those who become infected with coronavirus generally experience mild illness and recover in about two weeks. Still, even while said person is recovering if they don’t self isolate they could spread it to those most vulnerable.

“The most commonly reported symptoms included fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath, and most patients (80%) experienced mild illness,” WHO said. “Approximately 14 percent experienced severe disease and 5 percent were critically ill.”

So what’s the lesson here? Yes, you can get coronavirus and recover but you still should move with caution so as not to infect those whose recovery chances are far less likely than your own. Don’t be selfish.



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