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Senate Luncheons

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Coronavirus has become not only a global pandemic but an opportunity for racists to step into their purpose as the bigoted bowel movements that they really are.

While 53% of white women’s president Donald Trump has been leading the charge on calling COVID-19 “the Chinese virus” there are now others who are joining him in his parade of hate.

Enter the Republican senator from Texas, John Cornyn. Cornyn is a crispy artisanal charcuterie treat who can also be found floating in a soup or chowder.

Yesterday, when asked if he was cool with the racist term “Chinese virus”, this is what Cornyn had to say:

Yes, David Alan Grier, that was goddamn racist. Racist as f**k to be even more specific. These racist Ritz crackers know exactly what they are doing when they use this phrase and Cornyn’s explanation is the proof. They WANT Asian citizens in danger. Blaming a specific ethnic group for coronavirus makes them feel good and helps remove any accountability from the United States government’s colossal failure as a staff, record label, and muthaf***in’ crew.

John Cornyn can eat a dog d**k.


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