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“Social Sovereigns: Women Who Enhance The World With Impactful Impressions”
Coronavirus has taken over the news cycle, but we’d be absolutely remiss if we didn’t remind you that March’s shine should go to some worthy women brightening up our newsfeeds. 
Here at BOSSIP we’re all about embracing the power of social media and there are key mavens whose content creation and thought-provoking power can’t be missed. For Women’s History Month, we’re not only celebrating #BossipWomenWeLove, but we’re also giving you a glimpse into the world of our favorite impression impresarios. 

Check out the latest pick from our “Social Sovereigns: Women Who Enhance The World With Impactful Impressions” list.

If you were thinking of amassing a Youtube beauty following during this coronavirus crisis by answering makeup issues for women of color, flexing your extremely talented photography skills and being absolutely gorgeous, then Alissa Ashley is your blueprint. The 25-year-old twin (YES she has an equally stunning sister who also Vlogs named Arnell Armon) started off in beauty working a cosmetics retail job before she decided to share her savvy on Youtube. The social platform helped Alissa transition into once in a lifetime opportunities that previously influencers of color could only dream of. Now they’ve come to fruition and Alissa’s constantly kicking doors open for the next woman to follow in her path.

Alissa’s channel started off with her sharing tips for makeup beginners and even professionals consistently, making her videos visually beautiful by investing in the lighting and also having interesting content. As Alissa Ashley’s influence grows, so does her voice. She uses her community to inform consumers about makeup companies who practice poor ethics, like those who’ve used racist influencers or privately snubbed Black content creators.


As a brand, Alissa stands for sisterhood and mastering her craft. Her Instagram feed is a subtle reminder that women can empower, be successful and absolutely master what they love. Aside from being a stellar makeup artist, Alissa is an uber-talented videographer and photographer. She shares her media work by showcasing her talented network of Black creators on her second feed, @ByAlissaAshley.

We can say confidently that Alissa is just getting started. Salute to this social sovereign!


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