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“Social Sovereigns: Women Who Enhance The World With Impactful Impressions”

Coronavirus has taken over the news cycle, but we’d be absolutely remiss if we didn’t remind you that March’s shine should go to some worthy women brightening up our newsfeeds.

Here at BOSSIP, we’re all about embracing the power of social media and there are key mavens whose content creation and thought-provoking power can’t be missed. For Women’s History Month, we’re not only celebrating #BossipWomenWeLove, but we’re also giving you a glimpse into the world of our favorite impression impresarios.

Check out the latest pick from our “Social Sovereigns: Women Who Enhance The World With Impactful Impressions” list.

BOSSIP was fortunate enough to interview Jemele Hill back in 2012 when she was a columnist and occasional presence on television via one of ESPN’s many shows like Sports Reporters or First Take. Soon after, Jemele became one of ESPN’s most popular voices when she and her partner-in-crime Michael Smith showcased their bro-sis chemistry on the His & Hers podcast. That podcast eventually turned into the Blackest hour of television that ESPN has ever aired. His & Hers became a show where Jemele and Mike spoke in their natural dialect and addressed sports in a way that no other anchors on the network were qualified to. Jemele raised her profile once more when His & Hers turned into Sportscenter: The Six, a program that put Hill and Smith in the brightest light that the worldwide leader in sports has to offer. There’s no telling when we’ll see something so specific to US on the network again.

Being an unapologetic Black woman and expressing a love of Black culture hadn’t been seen on ESPN since the late, great, Stuart Scott. That energy led Jemele down a path that she might not even have envisioned for herself. She consistently used her voice to represent us and has always been willing to speak truth to power. Speaking that unfiltered truth would bring her head to head with the most powerful man in 53% of white women’s world, The President of The United States, Donald Trump. The day that Trump attempted to bully Jemele from the highest office in the land was the day she became a FOREVER hero. From that moment Jemele was catapulted into activism whether she realized it or not.

Jemele has gone on to host her own podcast, Jemele Hill Is Unbothered, in addition to hosting a myriad of panels, townhall discussions, and television shows. We will forever be grateful to Jemele for her perspective on the world and will forever seek out her voice as one to be trusted in our community when things are good and we want to celebrate and when things are bad and we need clarity.


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