Pettiest Reactions To Oprah Making Stedman Self-Quarantine In Guest House

Ponder Emoji: Pettiest Reactions To Oprah Making Stedman Self-Quarantine In Her Guest House

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At this point, you’ve probably heard about Mother Oprah making her forever boo Stedman self-quarantine in her guest room after he returned from a business trip that not-very-shockingly stirred up hilariously petty chitter-chatter across Twitter.

For years, rumors have swirled about Oprah & Steddy’s intriguing somethingship that continues to fuel loud whispers about her rumored bedroom shenanigans with you know who after yearssss of a marriage-ish partnership without kids.

Mmhmm, that rumor that recirculated across Petty Twitter (and all of social media) the whole entire corona-ruined day.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Oprah making Stedman self-quarantine in her guest house on the flip.

“Oprah and Stedman are relationship goals though. 25+ years strong. No marriage or kids. Lets her be a lesbian in peace…” – we didn’t say it!

“I bet Gayle in there with her, though.” – aye man, we can neither confirm nor deny that we thought this too.

“Let’s be honest Stedman ain’t never slept in the same bed as Oprah” – ALLEGEDLY. A L L E G E D L Y.

“Meanwhile Gayle chilling in the bed with Oprah” – see what happens when we have nowhere to go and nothing to do. SEE!

““Oprah Says Stedman’s Self-Quarantining for Coronavirus in the same place he usually sleeps.”

Fixed it..” – soooooo petty

“Oprah when Stedman tried to climb in bed with her” – Twitter is ruthless

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“Stedman been living in that guesthouse since the 80’s.

Stop playing” – again, ALLEGEDLY.

“That ain’t got nothin to do wid Corona!” – if you’re not following David Alan Grier, you probably should

“Oprah making Stedman social distance in the guest house is more than a flex.” – Justice For Steddy!


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