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On Thursday night, PARTYNEXTDOOR released his new album, Party Mobile. On the project is a song that leaked years ago, now titled, “Savage Anthem,” which fans quickly surmised is about his ex-girlfriend, Kehlani.

The song includes lyrics like, “heard number two is your man now,” in reference to the singer’s relationship with Kyrie Irving (who wore the number 2 when he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers) along with a line about going back to Oakland, where Kehlani is from. The evidence supporting the idea that this song is about her is pretty obvious, which made one specific lyric on the song get fans riled up.

When talking about being unfaithful on the track, PARTYNEXTDOOR says, “I broke her off in the living room, there is a smell in the living room.” Even though it’s pretty clear he’s talking about a certain smell indicating that he was cheating, some people ran with an old joke about Kehlani not having good hygiene and immediately started cracking jokes about her feminine fragrance. When one tweeter was told off by a random no-avatar account, some people started to piece together the idea that Kehlani may very well have been trying to defend herself from a burner.

Kehlani replied to a tweet joking about the lyrics, writing, “because i see you’re tryna go viral and this is hella annoying. this is a true story about smelling the OTHER woman thus confirming the cheating. But go off tho fr.”

She quickly deleted the tweet, but not before people realized how similar it was to a statement from another profile. Only 3 minutes earlier than the aforementioned reply, an account under the name burnaboy373 replied to a tweet, writing, “he’s talking about the girl he cheated with, don’t be so f***ing dense trying to go viral.”

The similarity between these tweets is uncanny–plus, the only 2 other tweets on the burnaboy373 account also pertain to Kehlani, with one from almost a year ago asking someone where they saw rumors about her dating YG.

Now, Kehlani’s actual tweet along with the entire burner account are deleted, which only further fuels the idea that this throwaway account was her in disguise. Of course, this only resulted in more jokes at the Oakland native’s defense, with a lot of people asserting that it’s obvious the line is about another woman, but they were simply trying to get these jokes off.

The reality is: most celebrities probably have burner accounts, but getting caught defending yourself while pretending to be someone else is never a good look.



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