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Sanctified sweeties Russell and Ciara Wilson recently gave fans insight on their marriage. The couple went live Thursday which was especially ceremonious considering it was five years to the day they first met.

According to the harmoniously married Wilsons from the very beginning, they both felt a spark. On their first date, the two talked for hours after Russell skipped a whole business dinner for CiCi. CiCi also said that she was so enamored by Russell that she tuned out a lot of what he was saying and just stared.

“I completely forgot about the dinner,” said Russell. Next thing I know, it was 12, 12:30 a.m. and I was sold on you.”

“I was like, he’s so beautiful,” she said. “So he was talking and I was like, ‘Uh huh…yeah…right.’ I was hearing him but I wasn’t hearing him.”

After the date, Russell realized they actually hadn’t eaten so he asked Ciara if she wanted something from Fat Burger. After initially trying to “keep it cute” Ciara told Russell she wanted a burger and surprisingly they both had the same order; a double cheeseburger with only ketchup. (Another sign)

Russell then went on to talk about his own “prayer” that helped him manifest Ciara. As previously reported fans begged Ciara to reveal the secret to finding a good man and she said she wanted someone God-fearing, and prayed for discernment to find someone who could love her young son (Future) as well.

As for Russell his prayer to meet his perfect partner centered around five things; her Christian beliefs, her ability to be faithful, her independence, her unwavering loyalty and her ability to “tilt the room” with her presence.

“My first one was, I wanted a woman of faith,” said Russell. “I wanted a woman who was faithful.”

“I wanted an independent woman…they could be doing whatever, but they have their own identity, they have their own perspective on what they wanted to do in life and how they wanted to impact people. I wanted a woman who was gonna love me the way that my mom loved my dad when he was on his deathbed,” he added.

[…] “I wanted a woman who was gonna tilt the room…if she walks in a room, the whole furniture just slides to her. I wasn’t gonna settle for three out of five or four out of five; we were gonna go five for five…we got five for five, plus some more.”

Wow, both of their prayers clearly worked. Much to the chagrin of some folks

Ciara and Russell Wilson

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The Wilsons met in 2015, wed in 2016 and welcomed their daughter Sienna in 2017. They are currently expecting their second child together and Russell’s the proud papa to baby Future, CiCi’s first child with Future Hendrix.

What do YOU think about the Wilsons revealing their prayers???


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