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Deyjah Harris is all grown up and on a mental health mission to arm others who are facing similar struggles with anxiety and depression, issues she’s faced since the age of 11.

In the video, Deyjah begins with transparency, revealing how there were times she had a hard time envisioning herself evolving and she had thoughts of no longer being here. She also reveals that while she’s found a few ways of dealing with her feelings and bringing balance to her life, what she experienced as depression and anxiety at the age of 11 is much different now than she’s 18, and not necessarily any easier.


What we loved most was that Deyjah spells out her purpose of her vlog — ‘to lend a helping hand so you can be better equipped for your journey’ than she was on hers. She aded, “I just want to be seen as who I am. I’m human. You are like me in many ways whether you realize it or not.”

What a beautiful young woman! We have to applaud Dejyah on her maturity in realizing the importance of healing your inner child

We also loved that Deyjah provided time codes for the different subjects she addressed and she also included questions for journaling and self reflection, as well as the location of a bookstore where she purchased her crystals and sage — which were some of the coping mechanisms she mentioned that have helped her deal with difficulties. She also provides affirmations and links to pages that offer help and services for people struggling with their mental health.

Deyjah’s vlog also contained the following personal message:

one last note:

I want you to know that your trauma is valid. trauma can permanently change us in ways that alter how we express ourselves, especially if it occurred in your childhood, so know that it’s not your fault for any hurt that you’ve experienced or are still carrying with you today. dealing with what you’ve been through can already be challenging enough, so don’t let anyone or anything convince you that your traumatic moments in life are because of you. do whatever you need to do to start the process of healing your truth, no matter who or where it comes from. it doesn’t matter if it’s something that might’ve happened a couple of years ago or if others have it worse than you do, you have the right to relieve yourself from the grief you’ve held onto for all of these years. the little accomplishments count and are acknowledged too. your progress is your own and no one can fast forward this for you. only you. your potential is endless, never forget it.

much love,

Deyjah Harris

We love that she’s stepping up and into her purpose — not doing what people might expect her to do by following her family into the entertainment business, but instead doing what’s personally important for her. When she speaks, she has such maturity and wisdom and we see a beautiful future for her. Deyjah what you’re doing is truly brave, we applaud you, we salute you, we support you!


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