Ohio Prisoner Brings Attention To Unsafe Conditions During COVID19 Outbreak

Prison Pandemic: Inmate Exposes Unsafe COVID Conditions Threatening To Turn His Time To A Death Sentence

- By Bossip Staff

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While many Americans are struggling to shelter at home for weeks on end during the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of prisoners are suffering far worse fates behind bars. On Sunday, Angela Rye shared a video on her Instagram that had been posted to Facebook Live by a man currently serving out a sentence at FCI Elkton, a low-security federal prison in Ohio. Three people had already died due to COVID-19 at the time the video was made and with less than a year left on his sentence, the inmate was desperate to get the word out about prison conditions before the virus also claims his life.

Just watch below:

The fact that this man was in the same space as another prisoner, clearly infected with COVID-19 makes us extremely upset. Why is nothing done to separate the sick from the healthy? Why are those who are ill left to struggle to breathe on their own? This is utterly despicable.

We had to shine a light on what is happening in American prisons right now. Healthy prisoners are at risk of catching coronavirus and dying in jail. These conditions are unsafe and it’s not right that human beings are being treated as if their lives are expendable.

Angela Rye provided the following link for us to reach out to our government officials and demand action be taken to end these inhumane practices: https://p2a.co/w9R2EcZ

Let’s all do our part to defend what is right — cuz God knows that left on their own, government and prison officials will not.



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