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By now, you’ve probably seen the latest example of celebrity Blackfishing by Danielle Danesha Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie who somehow morphed into a Black woman while we were sleeping.

At this point, we’re used to pasty white celebs Blackfishing (or Dolezal-ing) by bronzing their skin to oblivion and basically cosplaying as Black women without a care in their Blackfishy little world.

If you remember, Kylie took Blackfishing to breathtaking new heights by evolving into a thirsty Beyoncé tether who basically stole the Queen’s identity in the latest baffling example of next-level Blackfishery that continues to whip the whole entire internet into a frenzy.

Hit the flip for the boldest, bronziest, Blackfishiest baddies of all-time.

“In this week’s episode of Blackfishing, we have our long time participant, Ms. Peskowitz, sporting cherry-red hair and #108 or #370 if you prefer” – woo, this is spooky

“Beyonce is looking goodt!” – all you can do is laugh at Kylie Jenner’s shamelessness. Like, the AUDACITY

“now why beyoncé eat that up like that” – ANOTHER ONE. Kylie should be ashamed of herself

“Kim kardashian looks darker than Beyonce. All I know is she black fishing let’s call out #kimyouarenotblack #kimmustfall” – this made us want to call the cops

“Blackfishing truly crazy” – one of the craziest things white people ever created

“Just a reminder that Swedish makeup guru Emma Hallberg is still blackfishing people” – is it crack? Mental illness? Severe insecurity? What is the reason??

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“Who the hell is this” – our very first thought when we saw this. Like, WTF?

“y’all let bhad bhabie get famous by ripping off black culture and now she look like lil mama” – you absolutely HATE to see it

“how bhad bhabie sheets be looking when she wake up every morning” – no, seriously, like forreal forreal

“Bhad bhabie looks so different now” – oh nooooo

“Sorry, but everyone is getting mad about Bad Bhabie blackfishing yet you all remain silent while Ariana Grande, who is not Latina but instead is fully caucasian, has prominently blackfished everyone for years with no consequence. Classic. #blackfish #badbhabie #arianagrande” – spicyyyy

“Kim Kardashian when she sees Bhad Bhabie blackfishing” – there can only be one queen

“White woman blackfishing starter kit #bhadbhabie” – at this point, Blackfishing is an epidemic

Here’s the full story of Swedish “makeup maven” Emma Hallberg who went viral for next-level Blackfishery in 2018.


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