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Quarantine Calendar And Virus Protection Materials

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The COVID-19 pandemic is brought out some ugly, ugly behaviors in the bigots and racists who dwell amongst us.

This type of violent racism isn’t limited to America. The African community in Guangzhou, China is reporting an egregious violation of their rights in the midst of a second countrywide coronavirus outbreak that has brought targeted discrimination to a head.

According to CNN, the brothas and sistas in Guangzhou are being evicted from their homes, banned from hotels and forced into 14-day quarantine regardless of their current health or recent travel history.

CNN interviewed more than two dozen Africans living in Guangzhou many of whom told of the same experiences: being left without a home, being subject to random testing for Covid-19, and being quarantined for 14 days in their homes, despite having no symptoms or contact with known patients.

The bigoted block is so hot that the US Consulate in Guangzhou issued a statement warning African-Americans in the city that they aren’t safe from being accosted over this racist new policy

“In response to an increase in Covid-19 infections, officials in the Guangzhou metropolitan area escalated scrutiny of foreign nationals,” the consulate said in a statement. “As part of this campaign, police ordered bars and restaurants not to serve clients who appear to be of African origin. Moreover, local officials launched a round of mandatory tests for Covid-19, followed by mandatory self-quarantine, for anyone with ‘African contacts,’ regardless of recent travel history or previous quarantine completion.

“African-Americans have also reported that some businesses and hotels refuse to do business with them.”

Sorry, but coronavirus is not our fault. Furthermore, what sense does it make to evict people and send them into the streets if there is another wave of coronavirus spreading rampantly throughout the country??


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