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Blac Chyna’s legal team is firing back at claims from Rob Kardashian that she pointed a firearm at his head and beat him with a “metal rod” on the night of December 14 and the early morning hours of December 15, 2016.

PEOPLE obtained a response filed by Chyna’s attorneys on Wednesday claiming unaired footage from E!’s “Rob & Chyna” was filmed just a day after Kardashian would have sustained his “physical injuries” from being hit by a pole, which show him without any “injuries whatsoever.”

“The unaired footage taken on Dec 16, 2016 provides thirty-eight (38) minutes of the highest quality, up-close footage of Rob’s face, neck, arms, and legs. It is undisputed that Rob had no physical injuries from Chyna on December 16, 2016. No reasonable trier of fact could find otherwise,” Chyna’s attorneys claim in the documents.

The footage allegedly shows Rob Kardashian “laughing in his dentist’s waiting room… with his friend Matt about his phone not working, informing his dentist that he is experiencing pain from his teeth and gums responding ‘no’ when asked if he has had any change in his health since Kardashian’s last visit to the dentist,” Chyna attorneys say in the documents.

Furthermore, while in the dentist’s chair, the camera zooms in with “close-up views of his neck and face with no ‘strangulation’ marks or marks of any kind on his neck, no marks, scratches or bruises of any kind on his face, and no marks, scratches, cuts, or bruises of any kind on his arms,” Chyna’s attorney claims in the filing.

“After viewing the December 16, 2016 video of Rob, taken within a day of the alleged ‘violent attack’ by Chyna (according to Rob’s sworn testimony), no reasonable trier of fact could find in Rob’s favor that he sustained physical injuries from Chyna allegedly viciously attacking him the day before with a 6-ft metal pole that landed many blows on his face, neck, arms, and body or attempting to strangle him to death with an iPhone cord. No human being subjected to such an attack would appear the next day on video with no bruises, no bumps, no broken bones, no limping, bo blood/scabs, no scratches, no cuts, and no marks,” Chyna’s attorneys claim in the filing.

Apparently it’s not just the footage that is damaging to Rob’s claims Chyna assaulted him. Chyna’s legal team also cited statements Rob allegedly made during an interview with the Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS) to further dispute Kardashian’s claims. Chyna’s attorneys claim to have obtained copies of DCFS reports from December 2016 and January 2017 related to “anonymous” reports of physical abuse by Chyna against Kardashian. Chyna’s lawyers specifically refer to a report about Rob being questioned on January 4, 2017 where he states accusations of domestic violence against him by Chyna were “false and says “there is no domestic violence between [me] and [Chyna].”

“The DCFS report then states: ‘Specifically, Kardashian father stated mother [Chyna] has never hit him,’” Chyna’s attorneys allege the DCFS report read in the filing.

Ouch. That could definitely hurt his case… Chyna’s lawyers are going hard too — in the filing they say Kardashian’s alleged admission to DCFS prove he “perjured himself by testifying under oath that Chyna hit him.”

Wow. So who do you believe now? Do you think just because Rob wasn’t bruised that Chyna didn’t attack him? Corey Gamble wrote a whole declaration claiming he witnessed her beating Rob. But the fact that he denied the abuse with his own words just weeks later isn’t probably going to sit well with the courts.

Either way — three years after their split — Rob and Chyna still have major drama!



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