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During the coronavirus quarantine, stars are still blessing fans with new music and giving them instant Instagram access to their lives at home. Both of those things happened during a recent #BOSSIPSounds session on IG Live with singer/reality star Lyrica Anderson.

The #LHHH songstress checked in with BOSSIP’s Dani Canada to dish on her latest track “Marriott” from her forthcoming (and already finished) album filled with personal confessions. According to Lyrica, the track that includes lyrics like; “Why should I be an angel for a demon” is indeed inspired by her split from her hubby A1 and details the time she moved out and lived in a hotel.

The last time fans saw Lyrica and her estranged spouse on TV was at the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion where they both burst into tears over their split.


“A lot of people watched me and A1 on the show and I actually moved out. When I left, before I found my place I stayed at the Marriott hotel. I was super inspired to talk about my experience,” said Lyrica. “What I went through and how I was super depressed, I felt weird. I’d just had a baby, I took my son with me and then I had a friend who was trying to see what’s up, it was just different.”

She also confirmed to BOSSIP that she and A1 aren’t officially divorced but are living apart and focusing on co-parenting their son Ocean. 

“We haven’t officially got divorced,” said Lyrica.I don’t really know what’s gonna end up happening. For now, there’s a lot of co-parenting going on, of course, we have Ocean. He is the first priority and it’s not about us right now. It’s about him, he’s 1, he’s innocent and it’s fair to just be the best mom and dad. If it’s meant for us to come back together then that’s a possibility. I’m not really sure, it’s kinda up in the air.”

Lyrica then confirmed that she’s considering a return to “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” despite the admitted strain it put on her marriage…

“For sure,” said Lyrica when asked if reality TV affected her marriage while noting that it’s not Mona Scott Young’s fault. “It just can get really weird, yes. I don’t care who you are if you and your man get on TV it’s not going to be bomb like how y’all were before. It has its perks but for a relationship, it’s not always the best.”

and gave BOSSIP a breakdown of her current relationship with her mother-in-law Ms. Pam. Despite their issues, Lyrica said Pam’s been spiritually supportive during the quarantine which is a welcomed surprise.

“Me and Pam actually had our issue and stuff but she called me the other day and I was kind of surprised,” said Lyrica. ” She was talking about the quarantine and what’s going on and it got like kinda deep because she started talking about deep stuff like God. No offense to her, I don’t know that side of her and she was talking to me about praying and staying strong and how strong of a woman I am and don’t be afraid. “It’s ike she knew what I was thinking,” Lyrica added. That was kinda dope.”

Wasn’t that sweet of Ms. Pam to put their issues aside to send a sweet message?

You can watch Lyrica’s “Marriott” video below.


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