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Iman Shumpert Guarding Kobe Bryant

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One of the positives of Coronavirus quarantine is the pressure social media put on ESPN to drop Michael Jordans “The Last Dance” documentary earlier than the finals this summer. The first episodes dropped this past weekend and everyone and their momma was glued to the tv screen to see vintage MJ.

After breaking ESPN’s record for viewership with 8 more episodes to go, it’s safe to say the documentary is off to a great start and will get bigger. With the docuseries finally here of course questions are coming up what’s next after this and it seems we may have a hint. Who better to have their career docuseries follow Jordan than Kobe Bryant himself.

During Kobe’s funeral, MJ opened up about his relationship with Kobe and Kobe’s deserver to be just like Mike and even better. Low and behold news hit Twitter from the LA ESPN account that Kobe had cameras following him for the last two seasons. Kobe’s career regardless of who anyone thinks is the GOAT is a perfect follow up. Barstools Sports pointed out the hint and even pushed the docuseries should be released sooner than later with the untimely passing of Kobe.

“Here’s the thing though. It makes even more sense to drop a Kobe doc at some point in the next few years. With the way his career went, ending with all those injuries before the last game and hitting the game-winner. Obviously, after his career ended too with the Mamba Academy and the helicopter crash. It would not shock me at all if there’s a 5-part Kobe doc that comes out. S***t, you could do at least 2 episodes just on him and Shaq playing together. That’s one of the most fascinating combos out there.”

Time will tell what happens with the footage but the story is there and ESPN would be doing everyone a disservice by not releasing it.


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