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President Trump Signs Paycheck Protection Program And Health Care Enhancement Act In Oval Office

Source: Pool / Getty

Donald Trump is a liar, a moron, and a completely worthless bag of burnt sienna skin.

Yesterday, 53% of white women’s president got his happy a$$ on national television and asked the medical professionals on the Coronavirus Task Force to look into the use of house disinfectant injections to cure people of the ongoing pandemic. He also suggested that we use UV lights inside of human bodies to “fry” the virus.

Here are the receipts.

These easily rank in the top 3 of most asinine and utterly ridiculous things that the f**kboi Fuhrer has ever said publicly.

Today, when asked about his harmful and potentially fatal suggestion, Trump tried to claim that he was being “sarcastic” to the media just to see what they would say.

This sounds like the lame excuse that a man gives a woman when she vitriolically denies him a threesome. As Nelly once put it “I’m just kidding like Jason…unless you gon’ do it…”

Peep the video of this jagoff trying to explain his stupidity.

Anyone still rolling with Donald Trump should never be allowed to vote again. Democracy-Shemocracy.


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