Listen to Audio Inside: Tiger’s Wife’s Frantic 911 Call After Mother Collapses

- By Bossip Staff

It’s getting real trashy and hood like at the Woods’ residence with folks fainting, overdosing, and who knows what else. In the tape below, Elin ‘Woods’ calls 911 frantically after her mother collapses. You can hear loud TV’s, kids crying in the background, and her mumbling incoherently…

Pop the top and listen

What is going on over there??

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  • Sergio / Straight from Angola

    First….. Im the One….

  • Sergio / Straight from Angola

    2nd…. i want to thank my family, friend and my fans… this first position is for u´ll… this is our first time in this position… thankx errbody who supported me…. and i dont care ´bout tiger cuz he aint know me either

  • Ocapkid1 A.k.A Mr Haiti

    It just goes to show you that everybody got problemssss… Tiger is wack anyway

  • Jade Silver

    Sergio…Get a life. LOL.

  • Nelly

    I feel sorry for her i hope she pack her bags and divorce that loser man and get out of there.

  • Sergio / Straight from Angola

    Who the hell are you to tell me that…??!! i got a life… its lunch time here in my office so a take this time search for some news and of course eat… instead of u that just sit ur fat a s s in front of ur Pc…jade green

  • Jane Doe

    The madness continues….

  • BEastboy

    Ms jade if segio has no life then you are not far behind him…BAM

  • African Princess

    Even Jerry Springer couldn’t handle this ish….Tiger had to be sleazy underneath all that calm and collected persona he played so well……….SMH!

  • Sergio / Straight from Angola

    Eyo beastkid…. u are the first without nothing to do… u lil punk a s s

  • BlackStar69

    That girl is going through a lot right now. Hope she holds up.

  • Annette

    I feel for his wife. Tiger needs’s sad that he felt he had to be promiscious.
    I hope he gets checked and I hope his wife moves on.

  • pynk♥{sugar}

    African Princess
    12/9/09, 07:51:am

    Even Jerry Springer couldn’t handle this ish….Tiger had to be sleazy underneath all that calm and collected persona he played so well……….SMH!

    Lmao, true!

  • kelleykel09

    i dont get it. did this suppose to have somethin to do with the wife and tiger? why is this news or even gossip? would you call 911 if you found your mother collapsed? but anyway, fu*k that ni**a tiger, before all this $hit went down. f*ckin lame. he ain’t no damn friend of mine!

  • nita

    Who said his wife is pretty?????????? Bytch aint no where near being pretty

  • Ana

    Well Tiger, I guess you’re BLACK now!!!!!! LMFAO

  • tb

    That crap is so overblown….

    My question is, don’t these ppl sleep? Why all this drama be going on that time of nighte at their house all the time?

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    @Cheaters/The Unfaithful

    “What’s done in the dark shall soon come to the light”…

    Look at this sh*t, you see the amount of stress, mental pain & anguish that you guys cause when y’all step out on your relationship…

    Others are effected too, not just the person that you claim to love… SMMFH

    The mother was soo upset & disappointed she just fell out and was over there laid out on the floor…

  • MeMe

    @ Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators:

    I COMPLETELY agree with you. Everyone is so quick to judge and have NO CLUE what Tiger’s wife, his family, and her family are feeling. It’s a mess and EVERYONE needs to just shut up…yeah, I said it. Everyone is judgmental UNTIL trouble arrives at their doorstep.

    I believe in prayer and if you do too, how about praying for this family and others all over the world instead of making a mockery of the events! On another note, his wife needs to do what is best for her and their children.

    May God’s mercy and forgiveness greatly abound.


    OMGoodness I feel so bad for her. I’m guessing her mother’s fainting was stress related.

    @EU-girl, I agree

  • Jessan

    Wow.. Interesting

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  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536™

    The mother was probably so stressed thinking.. how can you cheat on my besutiful daughter.. Jerry Jerry Jerry!!! get your Springer on!!

  • Obamadrama

    One thang 4sho, she aint dating nomo bruthas after this fiasco. I know Tiger dont consider himself a brutha but dats what he is rather he denies it or not. He dun messed da game all-up & down….DAMN TIGER!

  • Bey-nonsense

    he’s not doing anything other man don’t do. everyone is blowing it out of proportion because she is white. She’s supposed to be above all that because Elin is white. In reality she is not different than any female out there. She pretends to be so shocked and appauled that adultery happened to her. Meanwhile Tiger thought by marrying her he would supercede all the problems and dramatization by getting with a snow bunny. But in reality it’s no different and he’s embarrassed by his situation. I say for anyone that doesn’t align themselves with blacks like Tiger to not support him. Let those who he aligns himself with support him.

  • Bey-nonsense

    like the media..lololol

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