*Update* Tiger Admitted to Hospital For Over Dose, Mother-in-Law Released

- By Bossip Staff

More updates on the Tiger Woods scandal”

Health records from Health Central Hospital showed that Tiger Woods was admitted to the hospital on the day after Thanksgiving for what appears to have been a drug overdose.

The fifth floor of the hospital was immediately cordoned off, with hospital records indicating that the golf megastar and billion dollar athlete was admitted under the name William Smith.

Elin Woods, who was by her husband’s side, gave responding paramedics a bottle of Ambien and Vicodin at their arrival.

Doctors were purported to have used a breathing tube to help him breathe.

Barbra Holmberg, Elin’s mother, was admitted to the same hospital during the wee hours of this morning after complaining of “stomach discomfort,” leaving in a wheelchair.

She was released this afternoon.

In other Tiger Woods news, Gatorade has announced that they will be discontinuing their Tiger Woods Focus Gatorade, giving fans until December 26th to savor the special blend.

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  • Leah

    It’s not worth your life Tiger…

  • memphodude

    Come on, Tiger! Please don’t go out that way. A piece of cat will bring a man down, but don’t let it bury you for good.

  • oh well

    damn Elin…you should have let his cheating lying @ss OD and die…I think the pre-nup would have been void if you were the WIDDOW as opposed to the jilted ex.wife. now you have to share his riches with his hoes. such a shame he survived.

  • Goddess

    Hang in there Tiger……God is a forgiving God!

  • oh well

    correction: widow

  • oh well

    12/8/09, 16:34:pm

    Hang in there Tiger……God is a forgiving God!

    LMAO!!! that made me laugh. you don’t just get to do WHATEVER you like and then ask God for forgiveness. he was effing 10 other women while his wife took care of his kids at home…no amount of prayer will make that go away. he makes me ill. he should be praying to SATAN not GOd.

  • Caramel Cat™

    @oh well

    no amount of prayer will make that go away. he makes me ill. he should be praying to SATAN not GOd.


    Not true, I don’t mean to bible thump at you but God will always forgive you with welcome arms if you repent and ask him. Now if Tiger’s gonna continue to go out there wh0ring around then that’s all on him…

  • When keeping it 'Real' goes wrong...

    The Media will build up…. and they can bring down honey. Tiger hold your head up. I know he is wrong for cheating on his wife.. but what man hasn’t ? I feel their blowing this wayyyy out of proportion….

  • kia86

    @ Goddess…God is a forgiving God when you truly accept Him into your life and ask for His forgiveness. People are quick to call on Him in the bad times, but don’t understand that if they called on Him during the good times there would be no bad they can’t overcome.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Wow. Now there’s a drug overdose. I can see his PR team trying to spin the affairs now as a result of his “drug addiction”. He’ll go to rehab and come out all bright and shiny again…lol

  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady




  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    I have no sympathy for him. If you’re having marriage problems, seek help. If that doesn’t work then part ways as amiably as possible. Cheating is just self serving and selfish. Someone who wants the perks without the pain and hassle of parting.

    Looks like America’s favorite house negro is being kicked back out to the fields…with his “Blasian” ass.. 😎

  • Butterscotch™

    As soon as you think you’ve heard everything…something tells me these spin-off stories will be continuing for a while.

  • Silent Swagg

    oh my..

  • me


  • Elise10

    Love how you can make up stories.

    I’m not a doctor nor do I know Tiger but I do know that he was recovering from knee surgery hence his reason to be prescribed Vicodin.

    Since when has his wife gone by her married name: Elin Woods. She’s always been called by her maiden name Elin Nordegren.

    Just a thought

  • white male

    Lion CHeetah Woods

  • oh well

    Caramel Cat™
    12/8/09, 16:43:pm

    @oh well

    no amount of prayer will make that go away. he makes me ill. he should be praying to SATAN not GOd.


    Not true, I don’t mean to bible thump at you but God will always forgive you with welcome arms if you repent and ask him. Now if Tiger’s gonna continue to go out there wh0ring around then that’s all on him…

    come on Miss Carmel…I can’t go kill 10 people and then ask forgiveness. that is the biggest crock. I’m sure even God has his limits on what you can do and then ask forgiveness. but that’s jsut me

  • binarystar

    “William Smith” has got to be the dumbest name for a celebrity to use when trying to be low-key.

  • Caramel Cat™

    @oh well

    I hear your point, but if you kill ten people and afterwards are truly sorry and repent and do what it takes to make ammends, He will forgive you. Society might not, but trust, He will…

  • http://bossip.com bornbajan

    men will be men cheating is part of their DNA.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    Get on your game Tiger. Just focus on your golf game dawg.

    Ask Kobe or Peyton Manning. If you play well ALL is forgiven and forgotten.

  • D Brown

    Tiger man you have it all think about your kids man it’s not all about you THINK.! Keep God first!!

  • 4Real-tho

    @Oh Well. The Bible also says “Whatever a Man Sows, he will also Reap.” That doesn’t mean that you are not going to reap your good or bad deads when you ask for forgiveness. The wheels of Karma have already been set in place for that particular deed. He has to suffer through it. Just like people who go to prison. Fine, but you are still going to do your time. (That’s just common sense). The Bible also says that when you ask for forgiveness or is forgiven “Go you and Sin No More.”
    This is to Say, God is not some Genie in a Bottle that you only remember when the chips are down. God don’t play games. Otherwise, people can assault, kill, rob, commit adultery, etc. forever in a day with the idea of I will ask forgiveness once I’m caught. God is not a fool and neither I’m I. Tiger is reaping what he has sown. The Wheels of Karma are already in Motion. He is not forgiven if he doesn’t abide by the “Go You and Sin No More and turn his life over to God.” But, if he goes back to his wicket ways after the heat is off, do you really think God is a part of that? Not! (This is what bad people tell themselves to get thru the day. That is why the court system and victims families are like yeah whatever, but you are going to do your time. Which means Karma does not stop as it is hell behind those prison bars.) Gatorade will no longer sell Tiger’s product after December 26th. This is Why Chris Brown has to still pay for his sins? We are not God and Judgment day is not here. That is a personal matter between him & God. Otherwise, his wife, the lawyers, the hos, Advertisers, Consumers who’s stomach has been turned, are all having a say & backlash on this stuff Tiger has done. The committed sin against his body and his wife’s as he defiled the bed by bringing numerous sexual partners & all of their sexual partners into the marital bed. Aids is real. That’s why even asking for forgiveness don’t stop HIV/Aids. You see, what you’re saying doesn’t making sense but the idea falls apart. Only the Truth adds up & doesn’t fall apart. There is a difference between what people tell themselves to get thru hard times vs. that which is real that can not be stopped, regardless. Hence, that’s where Tiger is. Sorry but he will still have to pay for his Sins first.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Dang. The only thing this cat hasn’t done is sponsor a pitbull fighting ring. SMH.

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