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Issa Molly Insecure season 4

Source: Merie W. Wallace / HBO

Last week’s episode of Insecure made it plain as day that Issa and Molly are probably going to have to break up. Molly is petty as hell and Issa doesn’t seem to be too enthused with her bemoaned BFF.

After asking Molly for help securing a new headliner for her long-awaited block party, Molly gave Issa the Mutombo finger and whatever awkwardness and tension that had already built up has now been further exacerbated.

In the preview for episode 5, we see Molly “getting ready” to go to Issa’s party while complaining about not wanting to go. She might as well stay her a$$ at home after the way she s#!tted on Issa but we digress.

We will say that from the looks of things Issa is finally about to score a big win, one that had eluded her for almost the entire run of this series. She’s taken one L after another and the clips from episode 5 have her poised to pull off a very successful event.

That said, this is Issa Dee and anything is liable to happen to derail her joy. Peep the trailer for next’s weeks’ must-see episode.


What do you think will happen at the block party? Will Molly f**k everything up? Will Schoolboy Q magically arrive to perform?? WILL LAWRENCE KISS THAT LADY IN THE MOUF AND PROFESS HIS LOVE LIKE DWAYNE WAYNE DID TO WHITLEY AT THE ALTAR???????

Guess we’ll find out in a few days.


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