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We’re only 4 episodes into the deliciously juicy fourth season of “Insecure” and soon-to-be ex-BFFs Issa & Molly continued their downward spiral into a dark, bitter place that stirred up disappointment (and spicy debates about friendship) across the internet.

Whew, it’s bad–really bad–and only getting worse (and more draining) by the episode without any signs of improving unless Issa and Molly swallow their pride, address every single elephant in the room and start communicating like adults at a critical point in the series that threatens to push the friend group dynamic into chaos.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Issa & Molly’s crumbling friendship on the flip.

“Issa and Molly are equally guilty in being toxic friends to each other and I’m tireddddd of it #InsecureHBO” – at this point, we’re all stressed

“Molly and Issa need to just go ahead and fight #InsecureHBO” – YES, windmilling in the streets and be done with it

“If we’re being honest….a lot of people love their friends in public but hate on them in private, but I digress. #InsecureHBO” – but they don’t hear you tho

“Issa: “girl, I need help. My headliner broke our deal”

Molly: “How did YOU f**k up your contract?” #InsecureHBO” – Molly was dead wrong for that

“Y’all it’s time to admit Issa and Molly are mutually bad friends #InsecureHBO” – to be fair, Issa is a slightly better friend than Molly

“Whole friendship finna die b/c two grown women won’t use their words and communicate #InsecureHBO Yikes” – it may sound cliché but communication is key

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“Me to Molly this whole episode. #Insecure #InsecureHBO” – you and everybody else. Like, WHYYY???

“I can’t wait to see Molly running back to Issa once Andrew drops her ass!
#InsecureHBO” – we’ll be right here waiting

“I’m over Molly.

……and to try & insinuate Issa is doing something shady with Lawerence, like she wasn’t f*club’ a married man two seasons ago! #InsecureHBO” – we’ve been over her since Episode 3


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