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“I guess, I won’t’ do this again!”—those were reportedly the last words of a South Carolina woman killed by an alligator.

A North American Alligator Suns Himself On A Rocky Ledge, With A Happy Smile On His Toothy Mouth

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During the coronavirus pandemic, people have been advised to social distance and non-essential businesses several states are still closed. Still, a woman decided to press her luck with deadly results. Authorities say 58-year-old Cynthia Covert was visiting a woman’s home on Kiawah Island in South Carolina when she attempted to touch an alligator that surfaced in a nearby pond. WBRZ reports that she was able to briefly get out of the animal’s grip and jokingly said “I guess I won’t do this again,” before the gator grabbed her in its jaws and pulled her under.

She died of drowning before authorities could rescue her.

The homeowner, Barbara Howell, told deputies that she saw Covert, who was visiting to do her nails, watching the gator from their porch, and taking pics of it. The homeowner also said she and her husband told the woman to stay away from it because they saw it grab a deer a few days prior.

Howell also alleged that Covert “appeared not her normal self” the day of the incident and was “very talkative and acting strange,” though she seemed excited that her boyfriend was coming to visit from Tennessee, reports PEOPLE.

According to the report, Covert said, “I don’t look like a deer,” when she approached the animal and reached to touch it before it attacked.

“[Howell] stated her friend never screamed,” the report said. “She stated her husband William tried to save her friend but the alligator dragged her under the water.”

Kiawah Island Mayor Craig Weaver called Covert’s death “a terrible tragedy.”

“We live closely with nature on this island. An alligator caused death is exceedingly rare and has not happened on our island before to my knowledge,” Weaver said in a statement Sunday. “We know that we must act responsibly and with care around these animals. Consequently, it will be important to know and to share with the community the facts and circumstances from this tragedy, so we can avoid experiencing anything like this again,” Weaver said.

Chile, what a mess.

Stay safe—AND OUT OF PONDS WITH GATORS IN THEM during the pandemic.



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