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The tension, frustration, and anxiety over COVID-19 is leading to some rather disturbing violence over the past couple of weeks.

Previously, BOSSIP reported about a Family Dollar security guard in Michigan who was shot dead by a customer after asking that the person’s daughter not enter the store without wearing a mask. This week, we have a violent incident at an Oklahoma City McDonald’s that left several people injured.

According to CNN, a woman named Gloricia Woody entered the dining room of her local Mickey D’s dining room and was promptly asked to leave as the dining room was not operational because of COVID-19. We’re not sure what Gloricia was there to order but she must have REALLY wanted it. When she refused to leave the location a scuffle of sorts broke out that sent the woman into a violent rage.

Gloricia left, grabbed her gun, and came back blasting! Three shots were fired resulting in one employee being shot in the arm and two others hit with shrapnel. Another employee suffered an unspecified head injury. All victims were taken to the hospital but none suffering life-threatening injuries.

The 32-year-old shooter was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

It should never be this serious. Especially not over no damn McDonald’s.


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