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Ahmaud Arbery was murdered in cold blood by two evil white men playing police. We know this because there is a video of Ahmaud Arbery being murdered. Hopefully, you saved yourself the residual trauma of watching it. It’s horrifying.

Last night, BOSSIP broke the news that the men responsible for Ahmaud’s death had FINALLY been arrested and charged with murder. What was not reported was the arrest of the previously unidentified man who was recording our young brotha’s violent death. According to USAToday report that was published today, we now know that man’s name is William “Roddie” Bryan. The Arbery family lawyer has asked Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vic Reynolds to put Bryan in custody as he is an accomplice to Gregory and Travis McMichael’s crime.

“We are going to go wherever the evidence takes us,” Reynolds said Friday during a news conference. “In a perfect world, we would have preferred to have been asked to become involved in February, of course.”

The evidence best be taking y’all a$$ to that man’s house to put handcuffs on him or there’s gonna be a PROBLEM in the Brunswick, Georgia streets.

While awaiting some semblance of justice, Ahmaud’s family, friends, and community supporters who run the Facebook group “I Run With Maud” are encouraging people to run 2.23 miles to represent the day that these devilish white men stole a Black life that mattered and still does.

Rest in peace, Ahmaud Arbery. We pray for your family and friends. We demand justice on your behalf. What the hell is taking so long to arrest this a$$hole just like his racist a$$ friends?!


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