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Coronavirus is going to be the death of our society one way or another…SMH.

An NYPost report details a brawl that left a Target security guard in California with a very painful injury. On May 1, two careless brothers were being escorted off the property by three guards when they refused to put on masks. Security camera footage shows the men walking down an aisle when suddenly one of the brothers turns and punches a guard right in the face knocking him to the floor.

Another guard shoves the man against the shelves then all hell breaks loose!

A scuffle ensues and you can see one security guard lying on the ground writing in pain. The brothers, Phillip Hamilton, 31, and Paul Hamilton, 29 had reportedly been told before about shopping in the store without a proper face covering. The store’s policy since April 10 has been that each shopped must cover their mouths and nose when inside the store.

Peep the fracas in the video below.


It’s absolutely insane that there has been SO much violence behind the fact that people refuse to be health-conscious. We hope each and every violator gets exactly what’s coming to them. Both brothers were arrested and charged with felony battery on $50,000 bail. They were released on May 5.



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