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Source: Merie W. Wallace/HBO / Merie W. Wallace/HBO

Insecure got FUNKY last week as Issa and Molly finally had it out over Molly’s ugly behavior (we’re sure #TeamMolly was triggered by that statement but go awf).

This week on the accompanying Insecure product, The Wine Down, Issa Rae and showrunner Prentice Penny sit down with Issa’s on-screen brother Jean Elie who plays Ahmal. The trio talk about the block party fight, the tension between Ahmal and Kelli, and what he thinks will happen next.

If you remember, Kelli and Ahmal give each other a very hard time this episode and the audience is never really told why they appear to hate one another. The funniest scene of episode 5 might have been when Ahmal confronted Kelli about her new British accent in front of the new boo she’s been lying to.

Pour up your favorite glass of fermented grapes and get into this in-depth discussion about the Insecure.


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