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Debbie Allen is a queen. We love this woman with all of our Black a$$ hearts. Black as in race, not black as in-…nevermind.

Point is that we will cross burning sands and torrential seas to listen to Ms. Allen talk about her illustrious life, career, and experiences inside Hollywood and beyond. We literally hang on every single syllable.

That said, we were thrilled to learn that Tracy Clayton was going to be sitting down with one of our faves to talk about it all on the new episode of Netflix’s Stong Black Legends podcast.


Source: NBC / Getty

In the interview, Debbie talks in-depth about how her time at Howard University shaped her thoughts and view on the world. She also discussed how she landed the role in Fame and others. In addition to giving us insight into how she ended up on Solange’s album When I Get Home.

Without further ado, Debbie Allen…



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